electric vehicles

This Is What Will Change At GM’s EV Business

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, believes that this can change as a result of the company's creative strategy. But…

4 months ago

U.S. based Artemis DNA reserves 100 VinFast electric vehicles at CES 2022

Artemis DNA applauds VinFast's efforts to become an all-electric car manufacturer, anticipated by the end of 2022

11 months ago

VinFast taps HERE to accelerate in-car navigation for its smart electric cars

HERE Navigation provides VinFast with a highly customizable and upgradeable navigation experience throughout the life cycle of its smart electric…

11 months ago

Yinan Li, Ex-CTO of Baidu Started to Build NIUTRON Electric Vehicles

NIUTRON NV will be launched and open for pre-order in China in the first half of 2022, and the delivery…

12 months ago

Electric Cars To Outsell Fuel Vehicles By 2033?

Another impact in the U.S. is a growing consumer appetite for EVs, from Tesla’s hot-selling Model 3 and new electric…

1 year ago

Price of crude oil to surge despite growing EV demand

Forecast show Brent crude prices are to rise to $75 a barrel in the third quarter despite the push for…

2 years ago

Phone Maker Xiaomi Plans an Electric Vehicle

China is putting a lot of focus on the new-energy vehicle sector, attracting high-profile auto and internet companies. One company…

2 years ago

Toyota to Launch Two New Electric Vehicles

https://youtu.be/inIE8Kn7Uys After years of toying with hybrid cars, one of the finest car makers in the world, Toyota is finally…

2 years ago

Is this why Tesla is the battery champion?

The automaker built the Supercharger network to enable long-distance driving and quick city charging, says Electrec.co.

2 years ago

Electric vehicles getting popularity in the UAE

Khaleej Times today says since the launch of Tesla’s showroom in Dubai in 2017, sales of electric vehicles is rising.…

2 years ago