The Fed Will Now Slow The pace Of Monetary Policy Tightening

Powell's mistake was on full display in June when he linked the acceleration of Fed hikes – from 50 to…

11 mins ago

US Inflation Has Dropped, Reducing Pressure On The Fed

The headline CPI inflation eased more than expected to +8.5%yoy (Jun-22: +9.1%yoy), below market consensus (+8.7%yoy).

14 hours ago

Global Macro Views – Is there a Fed pivot?

Substantial tightening is in the pipeline, and against the backdrop of mounting global recession risk the Fed’s signal of less…

7 days ago

U.S. Inflation Rises To Highest Annual Rate Since 1981

The higher inflation was driven by across various prices including foods, energy, housing, apparels, education, medical care, and transport.

4 weeks ago

‘More Restrictive’ Policy If inflation Fails To Come Down

In the latest minutes of meeting, the Fed remained committed to combat inflation even if GDP growth to record slower…

1 month ago

Fed Messed Up With Its Inflation Estimates

The FED calculated the risks of inflation on subjective elements such as society finishing COVID-19 by the end of this…

2 months ago

The rise in global interest rates creates a new shock

A global interest rate hike and high inflation shock caused longer-term government bond yields in advanced economies to rise sharply…

2 months ago

This is why everybody was watching the Fed

In a plan announced alongside its monetary policy statement, the Fed stated that it will first reduce its Treasury holdings…

3 months ago

ASL is now a Fed-designated main dealer

ASL Capital Markets Inc today announced that it has been designated a primary dealer by the New York Fed

4 months ago

Global Market Highlights: Less Hawkish Powell

The dollar index fell 0.38% to 95.624 following Fed chair Jerome Powell’s remarks during his testimony before the Senate

7 months ago