Saudi’s AlUla Signs Strategic Agreements With French Smart City Powerhouses

Agreements with Ferrandi Paris, Dassault Systèmes and RATP DeV Saudi Arabia to develop AlUla into a global smart city for…

12 months ago

Covid and Politics in France

French citizen’s distrust, not only towards the executive, or the political class, but directed at the Government as a whole,…

2 years ago

France roots for genocide tag on China

The Uyghurs people in China are getting more attention with France, of all countries, rooting for a 'genocide' tag on…

2 years ago

French Law and Secularism

The origins of laïcité in French law: the 1905 separation of Church and the State So-called laïcité (which is to…

2 years ago

Pakistan President Urges France to Show Restraint in Anti-Muslim Drive

Pakistan President Arif Alvi on Saturday urged the political leadership of France to show restraint and to forgo a bill targeting…

2 years ago

France violates its notion of ‘La Liberte’ to curb the Muslims

Associated Press says more than three dozen French police officers descended on a small private school in Paris, blocked the…

2 years ago

Will the Muslim charter bring an end to political Islam in France?

The big question is whether the famous Muslim charter by the French Council of the Muslim Cult will contribute to…

2 years ago

Big anti-France demonstration in Jakarta

The is another rally planned against the French president tomorrow and a huge crowd is expected to turn out

2 years ago

France should tone down all hatred and curse for Islam!

A group of leftists say France should stop ignoring discriminations against a particular community to win the fight against radicalism

2 years ago

No one should remain insensible in a war between extremes

France, of all countries on earth, should not give in to the protection of flimsy excuses of freedom of expression…

2 years ago