VIDEO: Mozambique Sunnah Wal Jamah

The news is a total global surprise. Another surprise is that the Mozambican army ran out of ammunition to push…

2 years ago

Mozambique army ran out of ammunition to fight new ISIS

The group carried out attacks since 2017 but did not claim any links with ISIS or any other terror groups…

2 years ago

France boosts fight against jihadists in Sahel

Jihadists now pledge allegiance to IS in the Sahel prompting France to increase its commitment to fight them

3 years ago

ISIS woman sentenced to prison in France

Called an ISIS mother, the French woman crafted her and her children's escape from Syria to Turkey but Istanbul expelled…

3 years ago

Abuse against women: 116 women killed by their partners in France

While in France thousands rallied to support calls to end the killing of women by their partners, in Spain the…

3 years ago

Is it harmful to be a minister and to serve lobsters at lavish dinners? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The French are hypocrites about money, the soccer star Nicolas Anelka once said after…

3 years ago

French minister resigns over lobster dinner – Malaysian Ministers?

In a Facebook posting, French Minister environment minister Fran├žois de Rugy says he quit after he was subjected to a…

3 years ago

France to teach Arabic in schools to beat Salafism

According to a think tank in Paris, the ideology of Islam among Muslims in France can be simplified to eliminate…

4 years ago

Perancis mengajarkan bahasa Arab di sekolah negeri untuk mengalahkan kebangkitan ‘Salafisme’

Menurut sebuah think tank di Paris, ideologi Islam di kalangan Muslim di Perancis dapat disederhanakan untuk menghilangkan Salafisme (dikatakan sebagai…

4 years ago

Chinese women wear ‘facekinis’ – in order not to get dark

After the Burkini controversy,the French people are thrown the another veiled intention in their face in the form of a…

6 years ago