Sciwind: Good Results In Ecnoglutide Weight Loss Clinical Trial

Sciwind says mean body weight loss of 9.6% and 9.0% in participants receiving 1.8 mg and 2.4 mg XW003 for…

3 days ago

Fat Grafting Could Be A Treatment For Surgery Scars

Fat grafting can be a component of corrective surgery for dents and irregular contours in face, body disfigurement from liposuction…

1 week ago

AGC Biologics In New Partnership With Altheia Science

The Milan-based AGC Biologics facility provides lentiviral vector and autologous CD34+ cell-based drug products for clinical testing

2 weeks ago

Why Today’s Technology Holds the Key to Better Health

Can AI be the key to preventing and diagnosing illnesses? Biotech expert Harry Glorikian explains how technology can impact health…

2 months ago

Lazada In New Partnership With Malaysian Pharmacists Society

Consumers will have the risk-free assurance when buying medicine, vitamins and health supplement products from MPS verified online pharmacies on…

2 months ago

Oncoshot in MOU with new Singapore’s CRIS

Collaboration with Oncoshot provides clinical trial investigators with a platform to identify patients in a semi-automated manner with the use…

4 months ago

Bridging the knowledge gap for better kidney care

Kidney specialists share about chronic kidney disease and its treatment options in Malaysia.

5 months ago

The Importance of the Legal Aspects of Business

Quisquam id rutrum cumque incidunt! Feugiat dicta nascetur cubilia placerat. Nec turpis!

7 months ago

Syntach AB Awarded an EU Grant of € 2.5Mn

The EIC has been set up within the EU Horizon Europe program. The aim is to identify and support pioneering…

8 months ago

Combination of Tibsovo-Azacitidine Improves Overall Survival Against Acute Myeloid Leukemia

This further extends the significant clinical benefit for patients with acute myeloid leukemia and IDH1 mutations," said Patrick Therasse

8 months ago