DHL Supply Chain Invest EUR 50m In India Growth

Investment-friendly environment in India makes it a preferred place for DHL and a priority market for its contract logistics business

2 weeks ago

Maneesh Gobin The Accidental PM?

If Jugnauth has to step down since the pressure is immense against him both in the government and in the…

2 months ago

Is Jugnauth’s Security Adviser The Man Who Caused Chaos In S. Lanka?

Jugnauth's security adviser, an old RAW hand, was recalled to India from his posting as RAW’s Colombo station chief in…

2 months ago

Activist Urges India To Stop Using Mauritius As A Tool For Spying

"Mauritius is a peaceful nation, peaceful country. India is slowly chipping away into our territorial integrity, taking land from us…

2 months ago

India’s Worsening Current Account And Portfolio Outflows

Cheap Russian oil and government measures to discourage gold imports are unlikely to change India’s external outlook meaningfully

2 months ago

Was Huawei’s Network A Target In The Sniffing Of the Internet?

The sources say the spying was not about Huawei alone and it could also involve spying on China's activities in…

2 months ago

Jugnauth Now Has To Face The Indian Axe

Jugnauth is being squeezed from all sides, and the only way he may be able to avoid the Indian axe…

3 months ago

New head for Fortinet in India, SAARC and Southeast Asia

Security Industry Veteran Vishak Raman to head Fortinet’s Business in India, SAARC and Southeast Asia says the company in a…

5 months ago

When myths, archaeology, history and reality diverge: Jins and Aliens

From King Salomon to India and other parts of the world, there are technological wonders built in the dark ages…

9 months ago

Why is the Bangladesh market very attractive to Indian exporters?

If this export trend remains constant, then Bangladesh is most likely to be ranked as India's fourth-largest export market

9 months ago