India: OTT Platforms See Better Than Expected Ad Growth in Festive Season

As per market estimates, the OTT platforms may grow their ad revenue anywhere between 20% and 30% during the festive…

9 months ago

Now on Which Country’s Payroll Are You?

Politicians, political parties with foreign allies funding their activities would show obedience to foreign bailers not to the public!

1 year ago

Why did India Break The MMM-Labour-PMSD-RP Alliance

Listen To The Story A meeting with the opposition politicians helped India's new High Commissioner plant the seed of division.…

1 year ago

Biden Should Not Overlook India’s Fast-Declining Democratic Standards

The arrest of Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate activist, has Time magazine questioning US President Joe Biden on his ignorance…

1 year ago

‘Jewish-Indian plot’ arm twisting Pakistan’s Imran Khan to recognise Israel?

In Pakistan, Imran Khan is having trouble with claims that he is taking Indian and Israeli money and that he…

1 year ago

The symbolic demolition of democracy?

With the rise of religious symbolism and fanaticism in some countries we should be careful in our interpretation on the…

2 years ago

Abim criticizes attacks on Muslims in Delhi

ABIM, the Malaysian Muslim Youth Organisation, criticises the government of India for its silence and for failing to keep peace…

2 years ago

Kerjiwal knew he had the full support of Muslims to defeat BJP in New Delhi

A distinct demographic feature of an overpopulated Delhi is that more than half of its population comprises migrants who, broadly…

2 years ago

Mini-trade war on horizon: Malaysian blog

Malaysia is hurting with India's import of Indonesian palm oil at a higher price but will there be an end…

3 years ago

Man kills childhood buddy for raping his wife!

The man, an Indonesian, killed his childhood friend after rejecting claims his wife was having an affair with the murder…

3 years ago