Low vaccination rates, a surge in Covid cases, deaths

In Indonesia alone, the total of 54,517 cases recorded on July 14 alone was four times the level in January.

3 months ago

Indonesia suspends use of CTMAV547 batch of AstraZeneca vaccine following death; Covid-19 total now almost 1.74 million

JAKARTA, May 16 (Xinhua): The Indonesian government has suspended the use of the CTMAV547 batch of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine…

5 months ago

Indonesia pauses distribution of a batch of AstraZeneca vaccine

JAKARTA, May 16 (Reuters): Indonesia has suspended distribution of a batch of AstraZeneca PLC's novel coronavirus vaccine to run tests…

5 months ago

Aksi Bela Nabi 2-11-2020 Jakarta

Aksi Bela Nabi, diserukan oleh Imam Besar Front Pembela Islam (FPI) Habib Rizieq Shihab. Seruan Habibana agar umat Islam turun…

12 months ago

Indonesian Banks believe AI Will Stop Money Laundering

91 percent currently experience significant struggles modifying their existing rules-based anti-money laundering (AML) compliance system

1 year ago

PCG, PT AKR berganding bahu dalam mengedarkan bahan kimia di Indonesia

Pengalaman PT AKR dalam memenuhi keperluan pasaran metanol turut memberikan perhubungan bersinergi kepada PCG.

1 year ago

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia’s first coronavirus infection

The Coronavirus made its way in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia for the first time in three months amid growing fears…

2 years ago

World Muslim League visits Joko Widodo

The Muslim League is the biggest NGO in the world and it says Indonesia's economy will be among the top…

2 years ago

This is how Indonesia stops the Wuhan virus spread

The Indonesian government took unprecendent steps to stop the virus from infiltrating the archipelago of 280 million people

2 years ago

China eyeing gas reserves, fishing in Natuna

China will not stop pushing its fishing vessels under guard into Natuna Seas because it says the seas belongs to…

2 years ago