UK Inflation Hits 40-year Record, Highest In G7

On the flip side, the demand factor played a significant role in the rising inflation given that the jobless rate…

6 months ago

Do We Need A recession In Order To Avoid Stagflation?

To combat inflation, central banks may be tempted to send the economy into a mild recession, hoping it will force…

6 months ago

Fandbee In Full Expansion To Aid Malaysians Fight Inflation

Lee’s Fandbee rebrands as Fandbee, investing RM100 mil to expand across southeast Asia including Malaysia

6 months ago

Consumer confidence in the US dropped to a three-month low

Consumer confidence fell to its lowest level since February in May, highlighting the impact of decades of rising inflation on…

6 months ago

RAM’s new Malaysia GDP forecast at 5.8%

While still on a firmer recovery path, Malaysia’s GDP growth prospects are moderately weighed down by the ongoing war in…

7 months ago

How big is inflation impact on the stock markets

Wall Street tumbled on Friday as investors prepared for the gan global inflation fight with interest rate hikes.

8 months ago

Inflation remains stable despite surging food prices

The non-food inflation in Malaysia stayed in deceleration mode as it hit more than a 1-year low at +1.3%yoy, in…

8 months ago

Japan’s consumer confidence is now lower with inflation woes

Japan's consumer confidence weakened for a third consecutive month in March, as COVID-19 curbs and rising prices dampened sentiment

8 months ago

China’s services sector faces a big setback in March

China's services sector activity is hit hard by a surge in Omicron with activity in the sector contracting at the…

8 months ago

Why are major global equity markets turning mixed now?

Major equity markets across the globe turned mixed last week amid the ongoing tension between Russia and  Ukraine

9 months ago