Cracks in the Tight US-Israel Tie

China is a a bigger priority for Biden, not Israel's backdoor issues with the Iranians and Shia militias surrounding it…

11 months ago

Saudi Arabia Watches Closely As Israel Opens UAE Embassy

Saudi Arabia is closely watching the Israeli opening of an Embassy in the United Arab Emirates but how far will…

1 year ago

Is The Saudi Oil Deal An Iranian Ordeal?

But accepting Saudi aid should not come without strings. One of the strings, besides joining the Saudi on the international…

1 year ago

Biden Backs Iran Deal

US President Joe Biden is already in business with Iran, backing a new nuclear deal or something like it, say…

2 years ago

Mossad built 1-ton gun inside Iran to kill nuclear scientist, says The Jewish Chronicle

The Mossad (Israeli spy agency) smuggled a one-ton gun in separate pieces which it assembled in Iran and used it…

2 years ago

Is Iran actually planning a ferocious attack on U.S. soil?

"They will not be safe anywhere in the world, even Trump himself cannot escape punishment". is the warning from the…

2 years ago

A satellite and a machine-gun mounted car to kill a scientist!

Iran now says the vehicle and the machine gun was operated via sattelites and the vehicle exploded after the operations.

2 years ago

The SWAMP is back!

Saudi Arabia could well be the main focus of the Biden administration and this will increase efforts by lobbyists to…

2 years ago

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia’s first coronavirus infection

The Coronavirus made its way in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia for the first time in three months amid growing fears…

3 years ago

Iran 50 dead, Italy 5 and Coronavirus is raging in South Korea!

A sudden surge in the outbreaks of the coronavirus in Europe, Iran and South Korea is causing major concerns in…

3 years ago