Maldives Tourism Is Now At An Infection Point

The result would be long-term growth, greater cultural distinction and an emboldened Brand Maldives

3 months ago

What is the significance of the Bangladesh PM’s Visit to the Maldives?

This century is remarkable for minimizing geographical distance by removing visible and invisible trade barriers. As a “maritime neighbour”, Bangladesh…

11 months ago

Northport’s Strategic Deal With Maldives Ports To Boost Halal Silk Route

The signing of the agreement sealed both parties’ commitment to cooperate in facilitating trade between both ports especially in promoting…

1 year ago

China kehilangan taruhan di Maldives setelah hilang kuasa di Malaysia

 Yameen, di sebelah kiri, kalah dari Solih (kanan). Yameen dilihat sebagai pemimpin pro-Cina. Para pemilih di Maladewa telah mengusir presiden…

4 years ago

China loses bet in Maldives after Malaysia

Yameen, on the left, lost to Solih (right). Yameen was seen as a pro-China leader. Voters in the Maldives have…

4 years ago

Tourism: Three Asean countries in future no-go list

Five countries are depicted as danger zones in the making, and places where tourists have to go now to see…

6 years ago