Sherry Singh: People and Opposition Must Unite

Singh says there is a need for the people to get the right signal from the opposition forces. He met…

2 months ago

Will Mauritius Reshuffle Its Cabinet?

A new Deputy PM could be nominated in Mauritius in a bid by PM Jugnauth to push more responsibilities on…

2 months ago

Activist Urges India To Stop Using Mauritius As A Tool For Spying

"Mauritius is a peaceful nation, peaceful country. India is slowly chipping away into our territorial integrity, taking land from us…

2 months ago

Higher-ups Are Rallying Behind The Prince

There are many unanswered questions in the affair regarding Mauritius telecommunications and the 'spying' on the local internet and we…

3 months ago

Jugnauth Now Has To Face The Indian Axe

Jugnauth is being squeezed from all sides, and the only way he may be able to avoid the Indian axe…

3 months ago

Mauritius Leader Attacked On Internet Muzzling

The tropical 'paradise' Island will soon see new laws that will curb on freedom of expression on social media Mauritius…

1 year ago

WF Moving To A Less Costly Hosting Service

The prolonged pandemic is not good for business and for news portals altogether and we have to take drastic measures…

2 years ago

Now on Which Country’s Payroll Are You?

Politicians, political parties with foreign allies funding their activities would show obedience to foreign bailers not to the public!

2 years ago

The full Japanese scandal of the Wakashio

Months after the incident rocked the Island of Mauritius, both the local authorities and the Japanese are not giving the…

2 years ago