The Acquisition Of Thoughtful Media Group By SoPa

Thoughtful Media's social commerce-focused Multi-Platform Network ("MPN") in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and the US amplifies SoPa's loyalty offering

5 months ago

The Resilience of the Video Industry: Pandemic Winner

The pandemic killed or maimed many businesses and industries but the video industry got a boom and literally exploded!

1 year ago

MAURITIUS: Millions of petrodollars to shut down criminal cases and buy MPs?

We all know that Mauritius is a tiny, vulnerable and dependent country. But recent events on the Island suggests a…

5 years ago

Kazi Mahmood: Influencers are the Future of News

This is an interview of founder Kazi Mahmood by a Public Relations agency in Malaysia, the Supernewsroom. This week,…

5 years ago