A satellite and a machine-gun mounted car to kill a scientist!

Iran now says the vehicle and the machine gun was operated via sattelites and the vehicle exploded after the operations.

2 years ago

Murder in Mauritius: Third man jailed in Farman’s death

The three men socialised with the Scottish woman, planned an attack on her house and killed her in front of…

3 years ago

Murder In Mauritius podcast to expose ‘big circus act’

Murder in Mauritius is a podcast by the family of Michaela McAreavey killed on her honeymoon in the paradise island.

3 years ago

Abuse against women: 116 women killed by their partners in France

While in France thousands rallied to support calls to end the killing of women by their partners, in Spain the…

3 years ago

Arm in a bag: Professor caught for killing a student

This sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, with an eerie final scene when a professor gone mad is caught with…

3 years ago