Pakatan Harapan

No To New GST Says Opposition Group In Malaysia

According to the opposition, the country is facing numerous issues, and the people do not need another tax that will…

6 months ago

Silence on Mahathir confirms the rot in the PH

The Pakatan Harapan coalition in opposition is divided on the role Mahathir should play in their return to power

2 years ago

These are now the riddles in Anwar’s move to become PM

Power is within grasp of Anwar Ibrahim but will he make the move now for a final blow against Muhyiddin…

2 years ago

Unchartered political era with coalition of the willing

Many are asking the right and the wrong questions about Anwar's new coalition but we tell you why it is…

2 years ago

Time to rally support behind Anwar Ibrahim for a new Malaysia

We believe that he is capable of building mutual understanding and fostering inter-racial unity as well as to restore the…

2 years ago


The youngest political party in Malaysia will have tough choices, join an existing alliance or fight it alone and risk…

2 years ago

Anwar should be more assertive in the aggravated political landscape

In the issue of wrong and right and of political morality, the PKR and Anwar Ibrahim has a better chance…

2 years ago

How will the New Mahathir Third Force Make PH More Vulnerable?

Mahathir intend for his Pejuang to become a 'King Maker' in Malaysian politics but we believe he can only do…

2 years ago

FGV made Felda more vulnerable to the financial instability

The transfer of FELDA's assets and subsidiaries to FGV was to raise fund for the company as part of its…

2 years ago

PH should expect another round of betrayal

PH is in a difficult state with Mahathir still within its mist and using it to attack Anwar and challenge…

3 years ago