EM Market To See Stronger Earnings Growth But Leverage Weakening

Rated emerging market companies will see stronger earnings growth than their developed market counterparts, but their leverage will weaken

3 months ago

Rest in Peace “Jimmy”  Kyaw Min Yu

Jimmy was arrested for the final time on October 23, 2021, eight months after the military again overthrew a constitutionally…

4 months ago

Maneesh Gobin The Accidental PM?

If Jugnauth has to step down since the pressure is immense against him both in the government and in the…

4 months ago

Will Mauritius Reshuffle Its Cabinet?

A new Deputy PM could be nominated in Mauritius in a bid by PM Jugnauth to push more responsibilities on…

4 months ago

Higher-ups Are Rallying Behind The Prince

There are many unanswered questions in the affair regarding Mauritius telecommunications and the 'spying' on the local internet and we…

5 months ago

Sunak Quitting Has Put Johnson In Even More Trouble

Sunak suggested that Johnson was willing to deceive voters about the economy's dire state and is not considering the need for "difficult decisions."

5 months ago

Trump’s Big Triumph Over The Master Impeacher Tom Rice

“The ‘Impeacher’ was ousted without even a runoff. A GREAT night!” wrote former President Donald Trump on his social network…

5 months ago

This is why sanctions on Russia will have little impact

President Putin appears to have learnt from prior US and EU sanctions imposed on his administration, has prepared Russia's economy…

9 months ago

Malaysia on the latest political developments in Sudan

According to the Embassy of Malaysia in Khartoum, there are 42 Malaysians, including 27 students registered with the Embassy, and…

1 year ago

Covid and Politics in France

French citizen’s distrust, not only towards the executive, or the political class, but directed at the Government as a whole,…

2 years ago