Sherry Singh: People and Opposition Must Unite

Singh says there is a need for the people to get the right signal from the opposition forces. He met…

2 months ago

Toronto: Thousands of people in support of truckers protest

Thousands of people in support of truckers protest in Toronto with truck drivers now growing in popularity for their resistance…

8 months ago

‘We Are Going to Take Back America’, says Trump at first 2022 Rally

“Look at the people, as far as the eye can see… Look at the people way back, and I mean…

9 months ago

People shocked with sabre-rattling apparent RSS rally in peaceful Mauritius

Many people are still concerned with the picture of men wielding sabres in a car adorned with RSS-coloured flags in…

2 years ago

Mauritius sees largest rally in 40 years!

Mauritius is witnessing the biggest rallies in 40 years, reminiscent of the huge crowds that the MMM-PSM victory 1982

2 years ago

Mauritian Spring gathers big crowd in the south of the Island

Another big rally in Mauritius called the 'Mauritian Spring' where people are calling for the government to step down took…

2 years ago

In Alliance with the people!

DF our correspondent in Port Louis tells of the return of the MMM in the limelight, pondering whether the party…

3 years ago


JAKARTA - Reports from the streets in West Java indicates that at least ten thousand marchers have set off on…

6 years ago