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Twitter Should Have New Colours, with Red, Yellow and Green Ticks

However, we believe that there should be more to the 'tick,' and that Twitter should implement a 'class' system in…

4 weeks ago

Autel Flight Club Video Contest Is Now Open

Autel Robotics will collect entrants during the Brand Day period before evaluating them impartially and announcing the winners.

2 months ago

Gen Zs New Hobbies With TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

Seven in 10 Gen Zs use smartphones to discover weird and wonderful creative hobbies on popular social media platforms in…

6 months ago

Features of ISIS’ Information Warfare

Today, ISIS can be seen almost on all social media platforms and is accessible in Western countries. It has thousands…

1 year ago

Mauritius Leader Attacked On Internet Muzzling

The tropical 'paradise' Island will soon see new laws that will curb on freedom of expression on social media Mauritius…

2 years ago

LIAM targets young social media generation with consumer awareness program

Estimates show that a family of five would need at least RM550,000 to meet their living expenses over the next…

2 years ago

Mauritius elections marred by fake news on social media

Social media is a powerful tool and political parties in Mauritius were not ready to deal with the the damages…

3 years ago

The MMM and the crux of the social media world: Adopt and conquer

The MMM remains one of the most sought after political organisation in the country, Based on its history, and the…

5 years ago

Op-Ed: Can print media play catch up with social media?

SOCIAL media players have reaped millions — perhaps in the tens of millions and more — since the launch of…

5 years ago