The Great Resignation: Amrop’s Robust Retention Strategy

Amrop develops retention programmes that keep employees engaged, productive and employed – always customised to the enterprise's needs and goals.

5 months ago

Talend Has New Technology and Product Executives

Sam Pierson named Chief Technology Officer; Jason Penkethman joins in the newly created role of Chief Product Officer, says Talend

7 months ago

New Hershey R&D Centre in Malaysia for global reach

The Hershey Centre will serve as AEMEA’s hub (the Asia Pacific including India and China, Europe, the Middle East, and…

7 months ago

eCommerce is now key in brand building for Malaysian brands

Akinci says Philips Domestic Appliances is confident that eCommerce platforms will continue to be a winning platform for the company to reach…

7 months ago

How the World Shifted Its COVID-19 Strategy: Will It Work?

At present, it is recognized that one of the effective means against the pandemic is vaccination, and another is lockdown…

1 year ago

Time for India to look again at Mauritius?

An Indian writer urges india to take a deeper look at Mauritius, its strategic location and why it could become…

3 years ago