Japan Embassy Confirms Terror Alert

Two days ago, NHK WORLD, Japan said several Asian countries are on high alert against terrorist groups that may be…

1 month ago

US agreed to an Islamic Gov’t in Afghanistan

As long as the Taliban does not use Afghanistan to perpetrate or allow attacks against the US and its allies,…

1 month ago

A conspiracy between Taliban and the USA?

After 20 years of battle against foreign armies, local warlords, internal infighting, people thought Taliban would not return but they…

2 months ago

Breaking Promises, US Bombs Taliban Again

Reports say the move reflects Washington’s intentions to continue supporting Afghan forces with combat aircraft.

3 months ago

Taliban Makes Further Gains In Northern Afghanistan

Taliban Makes Further Gains In Northern Afghanistan and government forces fled to neighbouring country, Tajikistan

4 months ago

Afghan Govt: Peace with the Taliban will help fight IS

IS is dislodged but maintains control over a network of terror in the country of Taliban and American invaders

11 months ago

Did the killing of Osama Bin Laden bring an end to the war on terror?

  On Saturday, 07 May 2011 WorldfutureTv,com then Wfol.tv wrote and editorial in which we asked the question whether the…

4 years ago