With stronger ringgit, why not visit ‘boring’ Singapore and enjoy Peranakan-Chinese cuisine!

Is Singapore such a boring place to visit? A recent survey by lifestyle publication Time Out, which has conducted a spot research to discover the most exciting city on earth said Singapore ended in the 31st spot, not even in the top 30 in the list of the most exciting cities in the world. It … Read more

An Indian tourist view of Mauritius: It is full of surprises!

Are you travelling to Mauritius with your parents?” asked the stewardess. “Why, yes, of course!” I beamed. His question surprised me, to say the least. But soon, the plane started to fill up, and what do I see? An entire army of married couples! Across aisles, blood-red bangles jingled on mehendi-laden hands and the gold … Read more

Will Trump squeeze some countries to force them to send their tourists to unpopular America?

As long as Trump continues on his ‘I Am America’ policies, shunning the foreigner and calling their nations from ‘sh8 holes’ to ‘terror nations’ or ‘trade enemies of the USA’ – like what he said about Malaysia being on a list of countries that are causing the US to lose in terms of trade deficit, … Read more