Trump’s Big Triumph Over The Master Impeacher Tom Rice

“The ‘Impeacher’ was ousted without even a runoff. A GREAT night!” wrote former President Donald Trump on his social network…

5 months ago

‘We Are Going to Take Back America’, says Trump at first 2022 Rally

“Look at the people, as far as the eye can see… Look at the people way back, and I mean…

11 months ago

US agreed to an Islamic Gov’t in Afghanistan

As long as the Taliban does not use Afghanistan to perpetrate or allow attacks against the US and its allies,…

1 year ago

This is how China plays the victim card of the Trump era

The tricks in this game are Beijing is playing victim, saying the Biden administration is still pursuing a negative policy…

1 year ago

Learning From The Jan 6 Chaos In Democracy

Will America ever recover from the Jan 6 events? Signs are it will have to deal with violent actions in…

2 years ago

The Urgent Need to Renovate Democracy

Democracy is in danger of losing its importance and credibility

2 years ago

57 Against 43 Say ‘Trump Guilty’ but Donald is Acquitted!

  For the second time, former President Donald Trump made history in the US when the Senate acquitted him in…

2 years ago

FBI gets wind of huge uprising, armed protest all over the US

FBI fears pro-Trump protestors are ready to storm buildings and courthouses if Trump is removed from office before Jan 20

2 years ago

Why the Dems cannot cowardly move to impeach Trump?

The Democrats are playing pure politics, but there is a certainty they cannot immediately move to impeach Trump because there…

2 years ago

Twitter Bans Trump: Are they Empowering Free Speech?

Twitter allowed Trump all the freedom to denigrate as many people as he could and now they ban him in…

2 years ago