Now, Why Did US Business Activity Contract Mid-year?

The Business activity in the US manufacturing sector grew at the slowest pace since July 2020 as the flash reading…

3 months ago

Sunak Quitting Has Put Johnson In Even More Trouble

Sunak suggested that Johnson was willing to deceive voters about the economy's dire state and is not considering the need for "difficult decisions."

5 months ago

UK’s hospitality industry growth with blockchain

FUDx Coin - FXC listing: World’s first blockchain-based hyperlocal H\hospitality ecosystem FXC to be launched in UK

9 months ago

TAAT Now Selling in Tobacco Retailers Throughout Greater London

London-area retailers currently carrying TAAT are afforded a far greater degree of flexibility with respect to how the product is…

12 months ago

The build-up of Russian Troops On Ukraine’s Border Worries US-UK

The Foreign Secretary and Secretary Blinken both agreed on the importance of defending and promoting freedom and democracy and the…

12 months ago

Alarming New COVID Variant In South Africa

According to the UK Health Security Agency, the variant, known as B.1.1.529, has a spike protein that is significantly different…

1 year ago

US and UK banks bask in stellar third-quarter results

The presentation of third-quarter data by major US and UK banks has frequently defied market expectations in recent weeks.

1 year ago

Low carbon Malaysia to attract more UK investors

Malaysia needs to improve its regulatory framework, fiscal and political instability and open to more competition to attract carbon-wary UK…

1 year ago

The UK is attempting to join the US-Canada-Mexico Union

Johnson “They are pretty ruthless, the American negotiators, and I would much rather get a deal that really works for…

1 year ago

Rapper, Jihadist, Bomber? The UK tries islamist rapper!

An Islamist rapper bought clothing, shared terror lyrics with his brother who was in Syria supporting the ISIS and is…

2 years ago