U.S. Inflation Rises To Highest Annual Rate Since 1981

The higher inflation was driven by across various prices including foods, energy, housing, apparels, education, medical care, and transport.

3 months ago

US Consumer Confidence Slumps To Lowest Level In 16 months

The weaker confidence signals consumers would hold back their spending plans, especially for big-ticket items.

3 months ago

Hyundai Motor Targets Future Mobility Lead In The U.S.

Hyundai Motor to invest $10 billion in the US by 2025 to lead future mobility solutions to support the group's…

4 months ago

US economy added 428,000 new jobs in April

Nonfarm jobs increased by 428K in Apr-22, rising at the same pace in the previous month and higher than 391K…

5 months ago

Video: The end of petrodollars? Now, let’s wait and see!

The presenter discusses the future of petrodollars. What are they, what will happen with the Ukraine war and the Russian…

6 months ago

The US has made a remarkable recovery from COVID

The US has made a remarkable recovery from COVID and this stems from the massive trillion-dollar fiscal stimulus package prompting…

8 months ago

How Justified are the US Sanctions on Bangladesh’s Elite Paramilitary Force?

To understand the geopolitics of the US sanction, it is important to have a clear idea about the US agenda…

9 months ago

U.S. employment growth misses expectations but unemployment falls to 3.9%

U.S. employment increased less than expected in December amid worker shortages and job gains could remain moderate in the near…

9 months ago

U.S. based Artemis DNA reserves 100 VinFast electric vehicles at CES 2022

Artemis DNA applauds VinFast's efforts to become an all-electric car manufacturer, anticipated by the end of 2022

9 months ago

286 vehicle crashes every day in Pennsylvania

The seven most dangerous roads in Pennsylvania in 2020 with Broad Street as one of the deadliest. 771 reported accidents…

9 months ago