Entrepreneurs, Local Vape Industry Oppose Cigarette-Like Vape Regulations

MoH’s Generation Endgame based on New Zealand’s experience needs to be discussed further in the development of regulations for the…

6 months ago

A grim future awaits 3000 enterprises and 15,000 people

The vape industry is also in a state of uncertainty with a grim future due to the MoH's failure to…

7 months ago

This is what the Vapers Alliance want!

The Health Minister previously said that a law will be tabled in the first Parliament session this year but it's…

9 months ago

MICCI Believes in the Effectiveness of Harm Reduction

The MICCI shared its concern over MoH's upcoming ban on the sale of cigarettes and vape to Malaysians born after…

10 months ago

Switch to vape can Save RM1.3b treating smoking-related diseases

Switch to vape can Save RM1.3b treating smoking-related diseases says DARE, a local think tank, in a report released today

11 months ago

Tax Guidelines for Nicotine Vape Liquids Still Vague Ahead of Jan 1

The Ministry of Health has yet to share details on the maximum level of nicotine allowed in vape liquids, once…

11 months ago

Vape Players Want Different Taxation Framework Away From Tobacco, Cigs

Most industry players, especially manufacturers, feel that the taxation rate is too high and will negatively impact the industry, which…

12 months ago


With the new tax rate, every 30ml bottle of vape e-liquid will be taxed at RM36. This rate is equivalent…

12 months ago

Police Nabs Father For Making Toddler Vape!

GOMBAK: Police have arrested a man who was allegedly shown in a video making his toddler son vape. Gombak OCPD…

2 years ago