ASEAN reaffirms commitment to addressing women’s unpaid care

Despite gaps in data, the report also highlights the situation for women in rural areas and women migrant workers, especially…

1 week ago

UN Women’s Empowerment has FedEx backing

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised new barriers to build…

2 weeks ago

Hijab Gives Women the Strength to Be Kind and Truthful

Hijabs are not just headscarves, but symbols of conduct and behaviour for Muslim women according to a virtual event titled…

8 months ago

Governments Are Using Terrorism To Target Muslims

Governments are using the cover of terrorism to target Muslims and deny them their rights.  This is the message from…

8 months ago

These women killed their husbands to set themselves free

New York Times says the United Nations found in 2018 that just 18 percent of documented murders of women in…

2 years ago

Women in Arab countries find themselves torn between opportunity and tradition

Reducing dependency on migrant labour has brought opportunities for Arab women in the Gulf and the Middle East but are…

2 years ago

Muslim buying power can save Britain in Brexit days

Muslim fashion and the halal industry could become one of Britain's biggest business in the aftermath of Brexit!

2 years ago