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Tell us what you see in this picture!

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Look at the blond hair leaders. They are the top leaders in the world today. They dominate and they will continue to dominate.

The other marked difference is the absence of the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping.

He is the leader of approximately 1.4 billion people.

But, based on a 2013 stat, people with black hair control most of our planet’s population.

Does this mean there are chances that one day, they will rule the world?

If the Chinese rule the world, the first to suffer will be religious people. China is cracking hard on all religious beliefs in the country.

The most hit are the Muslims and they are always in the news. Celebrities are also talking about them.

Including a Muslim girl from America who became a global star overnight for her plea in favour of Chinese Muslims under attack. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Note: Only Japan is a member of the G7 group. The G7 is a grouping of the top 7 nations in the world.

Here we list some anomalies and some interesting facts:

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Among the G7 members are 5 Nato leaders. Minus Japan, the rest of the countries, namely the USA, France, Italy, Canada, the UK and Germany are NATO members.

NATO is a military organisation grouping the countries from the Northern hemisphere.

Turkey and Albania, the only Muslim majority countries, are members of NATO.

But they are not members of the G7 group because they are not among the top 7 rich nations on earth.

The EU is not a member of the NATO military alliance. The EU is the most powerful union in the world.

The members of NATO are also, mostly, an EU member.


The G7 is not a grouping of 7 countries though. If you made the count from above, you will find there are 8 leaders in the G7 table.

The other person sitting among the most powerful people in the world is the European Union chief.

There may be a ninth member if US President Donald Trump gets his way. He wants to invite Russia to join the G7.

Trump’s demands for Russia’s readmission caused a row in Biarritz last year.

The US president argues Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, should be included in discussions on topics such as Iran, Syria and North Korea.

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