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Malaysian fishermen helping a shark and the shark thanks them! We are living in extraordinary times. Animals are turning to humans to seek help.

In this video, the big shark comes up to the surface and approaches a boat. It is so near the boat as if to show a rope around its body.

The Malaysian fishermen, stunned by the shark whale movements, saw the rope around it.

This is what they are saying in Malay, “Is it seeking help,”

“There is a rope around it. Let’s use the hook to pull it near us.”

After it is near the boat, they order a fisherman to get a cleaver to cut the rope.

Once done, the shark was in no hurry to dive back into the water.

Instead, it calmly waited for the fishermen to pull the rope from its body. Then it did the most amazing thing!

It swooshes its tail a few times at various speed as if to say thank you. Hear the fishermen say ‘Thank you. It wants to thank us,” before they say ‘good-bye’.

The shark then made a magnificent turn into the waters with its tail still swooshing the waves!

The incident was filmed in Bintulu, Sarawak.

In other news, we always see wildlife attacking people…this one is indeed extraordinary!

Three months ago in South Africa, the story was different. ‘Lion Man’ was killed by his own lions whom he called his ‘children’. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

We all admire the people who go to a great length to protect lions and wildlife. We also admire their courage and love for the otherwise aggressive animals.

What we admire the most is the relationship they keep with these wild animals. But the sad news is at times, they can be dangerous.

The 70-year-old Leon van Biljon, who was mauled to death by three lions he had raised since they were cubs.’


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