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The full Japanese scandal of the Wakashio

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Sources found the international shipping databases are revealing that records are being altered about the Wakashio.

This is happening several months after its large front section (the bow) was controversially sunk on August 24.

But the ship was still sailing a month after it was written off as a total constructive loss on July 25.

This is only the recent scandal about the sunken vessel in the pristine waters of Mauritius.

The Wakashio nightmare is not only an environmental disaster. It is also a crime and a disaster for Japan and Mauritius.

Both nations have to answer to the world and the Mauritian population on what really transpired.


The Japanese vessel broke into two after it sunk on the reefs in Mauritius pilling toxic oil among a network for protected marine nature reserves.

This became the very first scandal from the Wakashio. Its oil spill had damaged the natural habitat of sea creatures. It caused the death of many fishes, including dolphins.

The death of the dolphins caused an outcry on a global stage, because this is the first time it was happening in Mauritius.


A Mauritian newspaper, Weekend revealed some disturbing information that may be related to a mysterious cargo in the vessel.

Later, revelations about the whereabout of the ship and the actions of the Mauritian authorities raised suspicions.

The authorities had apparently lost contact and did not the whereabout of the ship before it crashed on the reefs.

Were there drugs on board? Was this why the ship went missing before it capsized? One can’t stop the rumour mill and it is saying there is something amiss with the entire Wakashio episode.

If there were drugs on board and it sunk near Mauritius, what was the real destination of the deadly illicit cargo?

Another theory in Mauritius is the sinking of the ship was a deliberate act ordered from above.

We do not want to get into details who are those from above. But that means, for international readers, people who are mostly untouchable. They may be from the authorities of some countries, from the drug mafia ring or from the Japanese.

The authorities responsible for the investigation will have to elucidate these mysteries.


There are many other unanswered questions. Some are very big ones, such a serious breaches of international law.

This concerns the hidden information that are now appearing. In particular they fact that the Japanese allowed the ship to sail.

It was marked for junk and a month later it was sailing with what now persistently appear like it was carrying a suspicious cargo.

The owners of the vessel failed to reveal very basic information on the status of the ship months after the incident.

There were no corporate disclosure and there is no answer how much oil was leaked in the lagoons of Mauritius.

As a result of the secrecy, four Mauritian rescuers died in a salvage operation of the Wakashio.

Forbes says these have hampered the safety and effectiveness of the oil spill recovery operations.

It also eroded trust of the Mauritian people with the Wakashio owners, operators, insurers and regulators. They are all Japan based.


In the last three months, evidence about the Wakashio appears to be going missing.

The voice recording from the VDR evidence is not being collected. They are not collecting images of critical parts of the ship’s engine. Some sources are saying evidence is allegedly being tampered with, such as the oil fingerprinting.

The digital records of the Wakashio are also being mysteriously altered in databases around the world.

The Mauritian authorities are also altering the information they have about the incident.

What was said in Parliament by the Prime Minister was either manipulated information provided to Pravind Jugnauth. Or they were crafted by the people close to the PM to deny the truth to the public.

These are serious offences but no one in the country seems liable to tell the truth, the whole truth.

This article first appeared in Nouvelle.Digital

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