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A U.S. diplomat sent a letter to a Chinese newspaper but the paper refused to publish it without giving any reason why.

But this did not go down well with the American diplomats and Mike Pompeo blasted the Chinese government over the matter.

In a note published in the U.S. Embassy website in Georgia, Pompeo says the People’s Daily’s response once again exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s fear of free speech and serious intellectual debate.

“It as well (shows) Beijing’s hypocrisy when it complains about lack of fair and reciprocal treatment in other countries.”

The response of Pompeo can be seen here: The Hypocrisy of the PRC’s Propaganda

The Op-Ed is written by the U.S. Ambassador in Beijing, Terry Branstad.

It can be seen here: Resetting the Relationship Based on Reciprocity

Yes, it is no more the ‘Ping Pong’ diplomacy between the U.S. and China nowadays. And things are getting more serious between the two nations on the global frontline.

Pompeo says it is a ‘friendly’ letter and there are no reasons why the People’s Daily rejected it.

The Chinese paper says it refused to publish it citing a litany of grievances.

“Ironically, the Op-ed called for more positive relations between our two countries and asked to “build relationships through unrestricted engagement and uncensored discussion.” 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


From the rejection of the Op-Ed, it is clear that China’s Communist Party does not condone freedom of expression.

It is unlikely that China with the current political leaders will allow such freedom. After all, it is a communist system.

Nevertheless, Pompeo says the Chinese government officials have enjoyed the ability to talk directly to the American people and provided its government’s views through our free media.

China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai has published five Op-eds this year in prominent U.S. news outlets such as the Washington Post and Politico.

He is free to give exclusive interviews to the likes of CNN and CBS.

China’s Foreign Ministry and state-owned propaganda organs like the Global Times and China Daily regularly use free access to American social media platforms to attack U.S. policies.

Pompeo says they are free to attack, “our way of life, and the very system that protects their ability to speak freely. They do this in other democratic countries, too.”


The People’s Daily, in its response on why it will not run the Op-Ed says the United States keeps escalating political suppression and persecution against Chinese press institutions in the United States.

It says the U.S. is doing all this out of Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice.

The paper complaints about the process of registration to the designation of the Chinese media in the U.S. and uses it as a reason for not publishing the Ambassador’s letter.


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