The MMM and the fizzling revolt of the people

The MMM and the fizzling revolt of the people

The MMM and the apparent fizzling revolt of the people has one thing in common: They are not sure of the future.

They are both troubled by the present, initiating some movements to inform the people. But that is it.

And this is simply because there is not enough avenues for them to push their agenda further.

Let’s face it. The opposition to the MSM-ML regime is not in a good shape. The powerful government of Pravind Jugnauth has too many tools in its hands.

Powerful tools indeed when a party is in power and is abusing the power for its political survival, says the MMM.


An example of the powerful tools used by the government is the blockade against rallies.

The Mouvement Citoyen failed to get a licence to rally in the village arena. This is the second rally dismissed by the police after the gambit by Bruneau Laurette to organise a demonstration in front of the PM house.

A revolution, whether pacific or brutal, must rest on solid dynamics. The Bruneau Laurette revolt is fizzling in the mind of the public for several reasons.

First, they lack consistency. They are not on the streets with regularity. The Pravind Jugnauth regime has an upper hand on the decisions to allow the rallies or not.

The Laurette group does not want to fall in the traps laid by the regime, that is to organise illegal rallies.

They will be caught and tarnished and pro-government hooligans will have a free wheel to organise trouble during such rallies.

These limits the actions of the movement and a revolution is not won with leaders and members who are not brave.


Second, the rally organisers in Mauritius do not have much to show for local backing.

They got a large crowd every time, they assembled mostly Muslims and the Population General on one platform. This is generally speaking the MMM platform.

But as long as they do not get backing from the Hindu population, they will not go far.

It will take them more than some shock rallies and an environmental issue to gain such support.

They do not have the support (official) of the opposition parties. This is purely because the opposition is overwhelmed by the massive rallies the lone fighter pulled.

It is certainly shocking for the PMSD, the MMM and the Labour that one unknown person in Mauritius pulled such a feat.

How can they support this movement that is apparently taking a lot from them than giving to them? We will get back to this sooner.


Third, the movement is submerged by the difficulty to make its choices on the subjects it wants to defend.

Can it continue fighting over Wakashio, which is now a forlone one, something that is of the past?

This fed its anger and gave it the basis to rally the people around and to tell their version of the facts.

But that was it and while the waters will take time to be 100% pristine again, the issue is fading in the minds.

What other issues are they going to talk about? They have to make their choices and get the right topic. But this is the job for the politicians.


The MMM is the party that changed the way we do politics in Mauritius. No one can claim any thing closer to this.

The Labour was the first to rally the Mauritians on one issue: Independence. But once it was won, the Labour was gone.

It had to be Paul Berenger who came out and exposed the viciousness of the Labour-PMSD regime to change the country.

The MMM impacted the history and the fundamentals of the country. But this too, is now waning.

It is a distant echo not only because the MMM is not what it was before, that is a solid movement. But it is also because the corrupt has taken over the country. This is what the people are saying on the streets. Right?


All said and done. The Laurette group has made one mistake. They were joined by the Rezistans Ek Alternatif.

This is one of the equivalent of the ‘Green’ party in Mauritius. Their alliance was a natural one. They both, the Laurettes and the Resistans, speaks on environment.

They both used the Wakashio to galvanise the public, particularly the bored youth, and they won their gambit.

But the political affiliation did not bring anything good for the Laurette group.


The first rally was a dashing performance, the second one was lesser, according to our sources.

If that was the case, then the alliance between the two was not of major appeal to the public.

The fact that the political parties like the MMM, PMSD and Labour did not give their official support to the grouping, the idea is slowly going away.

And a few are thinking of a MMM-Laurette alliance to bring down the regime. But we believe this is not the solution the country needs.

What the country needs is for the MMM to wake up from its slumber. Face the reality and accept the failures and lacking he has now.

This is not our first article on the MMM, it will not be the last. We will tell you more.

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