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Tourism: Three Asean countries in future no-go list

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Five countries are depicted as danger zones in the making, and places where tourists have to go now to see the beautiful places before political turmoil runs them down.

The Asean has two countries in the list of bad dreams bound to come true:
1. Philippines
2. Indonesia
3. Thailand

Another country from Asia forms the list of negatives: Maldives, the beautiful tourism Island which may be rocked by political activism pretty much in the near future, says experts.

Africa is not forgotten. Madagascar is the only African nation in the list of 5 top shaky nations where political instability may disrupt the tourism trade, and other businesses in the process.

This is according to an article that appeared today written by Lauren McMah for

It starts with the fright that Egypt has given the tourism world lately, then a rethink of Turkey as a destination.

While it is clear, no one is going to Syria for tourism, unless one wants to get into the cross-hairs of the ISIS and other rebel groups.

So, do not go to Egypt, keep Turkey for later and forget Syria, Yemen, and parts of Iraq while the same breath you might also say bye-bye to Libya (or what is left of the great country built by Muammar Gaddafi).

While the article does not talk on Libya and Yemen, it warns that Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Maldives and Madagascar are in the next nations that could see trouble soon.

Indonesians held a massive rally in which police clash with hard-line Muslims protesting against Jakarta’s governor.

One person was killed as Indonesian police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse tens of thousands of protesters who rallied.

They were demanding the resignation of the Christian governor of Jakarta for allegedly insulting the Quran.

At least seven people were injured in clashes between demonstrators and police, Jakarta police spokesman Awi Setiyono said on Friday (Nov 4), said Al-Jazeera.

The protest was triggered by accusations that Purnama, better known by his nickname Ahok, insulted Islam by criticising opponents who used Quranic references to attack him ahead of an election in February.

Purnama apologised for the remarks, but his opponents have built a groundswell of support calling for his arrest and incarceration under Indonesia’s tough blasphemy laws – Al Jazeera said.

Purnama has apologised for his remarks, insisting he was not criticising the Quranic verse but those who used it to attack him.

1.5m face hunger because of drought, UN says.
Tensions erupted in June when two people were killed and at least 50 others were injured in a grenade explosion during Independence Day celebrations in the capital Antananarivo.
More violence is expected.

The political situation is growing increasingly fragile in the Maldives.
The archipelago is facing more civil unrest as support for democratically-elected President Abdulla Yameen continued to plummet, and as more locals leave the Muslim country to fight in the Middle East with Islamic State and other militant groups.
Some 200 Maldivians are believed to have done this, making the Maldives the largest foreign contributor of fighters per-capital.

On the one hand, the Philippine destination of Boracay was named the best island in the world in October, confirming the country’s popularity among tourists.
In many other parts of the country, including the ever-popular hub of Manila, the threat of terror attack and crime remains high — and the Philippines government has responded by declaring a state of lawlessness.
Simmering tension in the Philippines erupted in chaos in September when 14 people were killed and more than 70 were injured in a terror attack at a night market in Davao City.
The Philippines is breaking away from its traditional partner, the USA, to join forces with China. A paradigm shift that may change the balance of power in the Asean-Southeast Asian region.
May become source of a military conflict against China?

Thailand’s military junta — which seized power in a 2014 coup — is expected to strengthen its strong grip on the country until King Bhumibol’s son, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, is confirmed as the new king in December.
According to sources, Thailand will be organising elections as soon as next year, and there are hopes that it will work out this time.
But Aussies are being asked to take into considerations travel advisories issued by their government.

Read full article here:…/n…/59903201cfbb23a26471c1a7ea790a07

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