Twitter Bans Trump: Are they Empowering Free Speech?

Twitter Bans Trump: Are they Empowering Free Speech?

Twitter moves to ban U.S. President Donald Trump and one question arises: Are they empowering free speech with this ban?

During Trump’s presidency, there were calls to ban Trump from Twitter and to delete or block his account.

This would have made life easier for the pro-leftist and anti-supremacists. But Twitter played along with the notion that free speech must be protected.

They allowed Trump to expand his reach through Twitter while the left and the centre in American politics used his freedom to get ugly against him.

This played very well until the attacks on Capitol Hill.


As far as we know, when someone bans a person from a social media network there must be something wrong.

It is either the person is wrong or the network is wrong.

In Trump’s case, we believe both are in the wrong. Trump should not have used Twitter to make it easier for his enemies to gain an upper hand on him.

The enemies are the left, China and all the anti-Trump nations. There are many.

Then came the Black Lives Matter episodes. Trump went all the way in using Twitter to show his support— to a certain degree— to the police force.

The police was attacking the African American citizens and some the citizens got killed in what can only be described as gruesome murders.

But Trump was given a free reign to either condemn the attacks against the African Americans or show disdain for the BLM.

We know what he did. We also know how Twitter let it happen.


For years they allowed Trump to run amok on their platform. They let it happen and gave Trump a free hand in attacking Muslims and Muslim nations.

Twitter did not see fit to ban Trump’s tweets against Islam, Muslims and the Muslim countries he berated in his tweets.

They found it hilarious or interesting, perhaps, that the U.S, president was attacking Muslims and Islam.

The other question that comes to mind is what is Twitter hiding with this agenda?

Blocking Trump now after the event of Jan 6 does not make any sense. It is, for all we know, an attack against freedom of speech.

This should be condemned. Some will say Trump should be banned. We believe he should have been banned years ago if Twitter was serious about not letting things out of hand.

After all, it is their network that was used to denigrate others and it is appalling how they feel they are not responsible for all the wrong done on Twitter!

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