What does 1937 have in common with 2021? Mass unemployment and a looming World war?

What does 1937 have in common with 2021? Mass unemployment and a looming World war?

If you have not heard of it, the years 1918 to 1920 were those of a massive pandemic that destroyed many people’s lives with the Spanish flu ravaging the world.

Nineteen years later, the world saw the outbreak of World War 2 and more deaths across the globe.

However, what is more damning is the 1937 calendar, which is the replica of the 2021 calendar.

But it is the social and political events in 1937 that grab the attention.

Posts on social media are pointing out how the calendar dates from 1937 conform perfectly with the upcoming calendar dates for 2021. Friday, January 1, 1937 equals Friday, January 1, 2021 – and so on.

Chronicle Live, a UK based website, says the events in the year 1937 are not dissimilar to the scenario we expect in 2021.

In the North East of England it was a grim period of industrial decline and mass unemployment, but a couple of years later, Germany invaded Poland.

The global political tension started well before 1939. The continuous global tension in 2021 will probably result from the American trade war against China, which started in 2018.

In 1937, a new King ascended to the throne a year after his brother Edward VIII had abdicated. England is celebrating Brexit since 2016, and the Queen of England is 94.

In the year of 1937, the world saw the first international flights to and from Stavanger in Norway from the Newcastle Airport.

In 2021, international flights might resume after the world defeats the sticky COVID-19.

For a reminder, the Spanish flu killed between 20 million to 50 million people in the years 1918-1920 after it infected 500 million people, which is a third of the world’s population.

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