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What Is The Unstoppable GamesCoin Gaming Revolution All About?

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BERLIN, Germany, Aug 23, 2022 – – Their worldwide promotional roadshow “MOMENTUM” will be continued as part of Gamescom in Cologne – the gaming metaverse will be presented at the exhibition.

Key GamesCoin Highlights:

– GamesCoin Group has built the first ‘Play to Own’ Metaverse Platform on the Blockchain.
– The company has launched the GamesCoin LAB to experiment and develop different innovative and disruptive ideas.
– The next stop of their international promotional tour is at Gamescom in Cologne, from August 24 to 26, 2022.

Alex Suarez, CEO and founder of GamesCoin Group, is rewriting the history of gaming by simply merging gaming with modern blockchain technology.

The immersive game world gives players full control over all assets they unlock or acquire in the game and allows them to benefit from their in-game achievements. GamesCoin Group positions itself as the pioneer and a true game changer in the blockchain gaming industry as it works with disruptive tech that incorporates metaverse and Web 3 experiences.

GamesCoin Group is providing a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers, game developers, publishers and advertising partners built on the GamesChain – its own Ethereum-based blockchain.

The Hub will enable players to seamlessly move between different games and virtual worlds using NFTs and digital assets to play.

Users can also effortlessly create and own their gaming experience in an open and scalable metaverse with a higher level of interactivity. A key component is their GamesCoin token, an integrated currency in all worlds of the Hub.

Metaverse Hub For Gaming

The world’s first ‘Play to Own’ metaverse hub for gaming on the blockchain requires increased agility and reduced reaction times. The company has launched the GamesCoin LAB, which is a think tank focused on experimentation for innovation. Experts from various disciplines, gamers and like-minded people from all around the globe meet here to contribute to the development of GamesCoin and its digital gaming ecosystem.

The small-scale successes become reliable building blocks during the execution of the innovation. From the design of new games, digital asset related developments or the further refinement of decentralised technologies, the GamesCoin LAB is where ideas transform into practical applications.

“The GamesCoin LAB gives us the opportunity to invite people to join us in shaping the evolution of gaming according to their own aspirations. In doing so, we not only appeal to experienced contributors but also give the next generation the opportunity to bring their ideas to the table, shape new gaming experiences and profit from their success.” said Alex Suarez, CEO & Founder, GamesCoin Group.

As part of its international promotion tour MOMENTUM, the GamesCoin Group is making its next stop at Gamescom in Cologne. The company will welcome its visitors from August 24 to 26, 2022, and present the current state of its developing gaming metaverse to the trade audience.  (ACN Newswire)

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