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Why Bibi cannot be stopped and Trump will let him do in his plans to annex part of West Bank if he is re-elected in the upcoming elections?

There is a reason why Facebook is a better regulator than the United States or the United Nations: It is a private company and it does what it has to do for its business.

In the internet age, regulations are important even though they are violated on a daily basis. But the big companies act swiftly at times.

Look at how Facebook suspended Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page over hate speech.

He blames staffer for the post about murderous Arabs.

Nevertheless, Facebook will not be able to regulate Netanyahu on his electoral promises. They will help him promote the annexation of Arab lands in West Bank.

Why? Because they will not suspend his Facebook page for promoting the populist idea of taking more Palestinian lands.

They are for the taking after all, are they not?

There is no country on earth that would come to the support of the Palestinians in the expropriation of their land.

No powerful organisation, nor an honest leader will rise to say let/s defend Palestine from further shrinking. Oh, they will talk in forums, they will organise events for that matter, but they will not act.

The Muslim world is unable to help Kashmiris or Rohingya Muslims. How can they help the Palestinians?

They are left practically alone in their fight for justice and recognition. Needless to mention any Muslim nations that can or will come to the real defence of Palestine.

The point is Israel will do what it wants to get what it can. In the meantime, the Palestinians will lose more homes and land.

The world will continue watching with some leaders and politicians playing the hero. They will talk and nothing else will be done.

This is what Palestine is facing. The slow strangulation by the Jewish state that is occupying their territory. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


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